Choti Bahu Season II - Episode 169

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Though Radhika is seriously injured, she is alive. She is stunned as she never thought that Barkha would stoop so low to try and kill her. Radhika decides to reach the mutt at the earliest, but Barkha again runs her car over her. Radhika falls on the other side of the road. Radhika's injury does not deter her from going to the mutt and she starts running. Barkha follows her and once again rams her with her car. Radhika is seriously injured and bleeding profoundly. Barkha then walks towards a semi-conscious Radhika and brutally kills her. Meanwhile, Dev starts feeling uneasy and senses something is wrong but cannot decipher the indications. On the other hand, Barkha, feeling content after killing Radhika, digs a grave and buries her. Barkha returns to the mutt and Dev is shocked to see blood stains all over her body. Barkha manages to make a story and tells Dev that Radhika tried to kill her. Dev finds it hard to believe, but Barkha's condition makes him feel that she is telling the truth.

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